History of iGEM Tübingen Projects

Timeline of projects

Team Tübingen has been participating in iGEM since 2012. Every year students from different backgrounds and experience levels gather to tackle a challenging and useful project. This site serves as a summary for the various projects and achieved medals.

IGEM Tübingen


iGEM Tübingen 2012/13


Yeast based measurement system for endocrine disruptors in aquatic environments
Our team developed a yeast-based sensor for progestin, a contaminator of wastewater, which has harmful effects on the hormonal equilibrium in fish. The presence of progestin in water samples induces the expression of luciferin in the yeast cells by activating a G-protein coupled cascade leading to the luciferase gene promoter activation. The presence of progestin in tested water samples can thus be detected and analyzed qualitatively by detecting light activation or quantitatively using a spectrometer.

iGEM Tübingen 2014


T-ECO - Tuebingen Erythrocyte Converter to O
We developed the T-ECO system to address the problem of blood type zero being the most valuable (universal donor) but also the rarest blood type for donating. By modifying the glycolised protein chains on erythrocytes of blood type A, B and AB, they adopt the characteristics of blood type zero cells. A simple agglutination test serves as proof for successful transformation.

iGEM Tübingen 2015


A Biosensor Memory Module: Cre Sensor
Our team created a module which makes it possible to take a snapshot of a sensor’s activity at any time. Using a caging mechanism by fusing a copy of a variant of the fluorescent protein Dronpa to both the C- and N-terminus of Cre recombinase, its activity can be reversibly controlled by light. By activating this construct only for a short period of time, the Cre is used to switch on expression of Luciferase in only a limited amount of the sensor cells. Through coupling the Cre expression to the sensor we can thereby permanently write the sensor state of a given time point into the DNA of a system.

iGEM Tübingen 2016


Fruit Force - Probiotics strike back
Three problems were addressed in 2016: In order to help people with an Aldolase B deficiency (rendering them fructose intolerant), our team modified lactobacilli, which already live in the human gut, to process fructose. Additionally, we designed a pipetting robot able to do the cloning experiments required for our main project. Last but not least, we faced the problem of plasmid extraction in a robot, so we developed a simple way to easily select and purify transformed plasmid DNA.

iGEM Tübingen 2017


An advanced Trojan horse
The rising amount of microbial resistances urge for innovation and new therapeutics. Therefore, we created a new derivative of aminocoumarins with a changed pattern of interaction with proteins and improved chemical properties. Those properties make it an antibiotic that is only activated by ß-lactam resistant pathogens itself via enzymatic cleavage, while not affecting other cells in the human body - the advanced Trojan horse is set free.

iGEM Tübingen 2018


BoNT C - Licence to enter
In 2018, our project was to modify Botulinum Toxin so that its specific shuttle mechanism for neuronal cells could be used in prospective therapeutic approaches and neuronal targeting in basic research. We developed a library of different detoxified botulinum toxin derivatives, which can be coupled with a variety of substances (proteins, small molecules, fluorochromes) by specific linkers. Since our shuttle mechanism could potentially be used in patients, we removed the most prevalent immune epitopes using a theoretical bioinformatics approach.

Diabetes mellitus 2 therapy - project 2019

Diabetes mellitus 2 therapy - project 2019

The aim of the project 2019 is to generate a probiotic for the therapy of Type II Diabetes Mellitus, based on a plasmid chassis incorporating a Cas3 self-kill mechanism to prevent the spread of GMOs in the environment.

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iGEM Tübingen - Gallery

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