Diabetes Mellitus Prevention

"All the money in the world can't buy you back good health." --Reba McEntire

Collaborative Education

Together with the group of Prof. Eicke Latz and iGEM Dresden, we plan to educate about possibilities that individuals have in order to prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes and adipositas.

Overall, there is more than enough evidence that western life-style, in its sedentary, high-sugar, high-unsaturated fatty acids, high-cholesterol, high-salt and low-fibre way, promotes the development of inflammatory and chronic diseases [1,2]. Although, especially in research environment, this fact is known, knowledge transfer to the public has not been sufficient enough to adequately spread the notion of a balanced nutrition to prevent potentially fatal diseases, such as Diabetes Mellitus and Morbus Crohn[1,2,3,4].

As we, iGEM Tübingen, want to target Type 2 DM treatment and iGEM Dresden works on the development of a new sugar substitution, we want to share our knowledge with the public and start a preventive project.

As our projects are highly intertwined with the use of synthetic biology and the design and use of GMOs (Genetically modified organisms), we want to combine education about healthy nutrition, which prevents diseases like Diabetes from occurring solely because of malnutrition, and the usage of GMO-based food. We are aware, that especially in communities like the vegan and organic community, who are trying to base their diets on health-based concepts, GMO-based food, which means food that is either a GMO, contains a GMO or was produced by a GMO, is faced with a lot of, in our opinion unreasonable, stigma. This is especially important, since due to the rising world population, at one point there won’t be enough resources, if we completely rule out the use of GMO-based food.

Overall, we want this project to be a plea for healthy, GMO-based food.

Sources and Literature

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